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Sept. 26, 2012
Ms. Cely Ouano
rson, Scholarship Committee
Mapua Australia Alumni Association
Dear Ms. Cely,
Hi! How are you? First of all I would like to thank you
for giving me a chance to pursue
my course which is Multimedia Arts and Sciences here at your Alma Mater that happens to be
the most prestigious school for awesome graduates like you Ma’am who’s willing to give in
order to help those who are financially ca
nnot continue but persistent to finish.
Your support and generosity
give hope to many and uplift the status of life for those
who persevere and make it happen
to become success
ful and be a role model.
you, our sponsor, my
heartfelt thanks and more
power to your group. May God bless
you for your unending concern.
Sincerely yours,
Christine Anne Louisse Abando


Chiristine Anne Abando

[email protected]

It's hard to study in Mapua, that's what other says. But yes, not because of the fast paced program you're taking up but because of high matriculation.

As one of the students, I have to do my very best to get a hundred percent academic scholarship on every term. And it happened on my first year of the school. I know it's hard but it will benefit me more on my future career.

In my case, I always worry on my everyday budget kung paano ko ito pagkakasyahin. And what worries me most is my tuition fee pag wala akong scholarship. I am anxious on how to pay my back accounts and penalties because we always pay on late schedules.

I did work as part time student assistant in treasurer's office every enrolment so I can at least buy things that I needed like books and other expenses. The people I worked with are kind and considerate. They let me enrol even if I have back accounts. I am really thankful to them.

One more thing that affected me is the distance between our home and school. Because we live in a remote place in Bulacan, I have to travel a lot everyday and it consumes a lot of time and money. My enthusiasm to graduate took me a lot of effort to do these things.

In my family I am the only one who went to private school because both my sisters finished their degree in state universities. I cannot avoid thinking of my pending tuition fees even if my parents tell me not to worry about it and instead focus my attention on my studies. We were really financially hard up. But I made it a point to at least get academic scholarship para di kami mahirapan.

On my last two (2) quarterms in the institution the Mapua Alumni Australia (MAA) offered me full scholarship with the help of the Mapua assistant treasurer (Ma'am Mayen) who helped me a lot in my financial difficulties. And I was delighted to accept it.


For the first time my parents were relieved. And that was the time I stopped worrying about my tuition fees. I was able to focus more on my studies. Thank God ga-graduate na ako.

Sayang, kung napaaga sana ang pagkabigay sa akin ng scholarship hindi ako masyadong nahirapan. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that I am the first recipient, scholar, of the NAMA-MAA scholarship program.

It is nice to help people pero nakakatuwang isipin na masarap din palang matulungan lalo na kung naniniwala sila sa kakayahan na makamit ang adhikain mo sa buhay.

Thank you to NAMA-MAA and the people who made all of this possible.

Thank you very much,


Karl Paulo P. Clemente
Computer Engineering Graduate

Karl  Clemente

[email protected]

Dear MAA Officers/Members,

Good Day to All.

It's been a few months when I asked the help of MAA about the electronics job I need so that my family and I can jump to second level of visa to be able to extend our stay here in Australia. MAA officers and members readily referred me in my present company, now my employer is willing to sponsor me (457 Visa) after I finish my course in TAFE which is this year.

I apologise to all of you if I can't thank you personally but I would really and whole heartedly wanted to say.....


Best Regards,
Charlie Castillo

Charlie  Castillo

[email protected]


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