Sydney, Australia



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Mario Marasigan
2015-09-27, 15:36
Congratulations Mapua Alumni Australia! Great, great, great, EXCELLENT hosting! Viva MAPUA! Thank you very much!
Melgar Catalan (CE-66), Daisy & Joel Catalan
2015-09-23, 19:46
It was a memorable and awesome experience.

Thank you for hosting Mapua World 2015.
Florence Cudilla
2015-09-19, 09:55
To the organizer of the MW 2015, you all deserve a big applause for a job well done. Thank you so much for the making this MW 2015 happen with a big success. I love you all, cheers
Josefina Cuisia
2015-09-18, 22:41
We absolutely had fun!....thank you for hosting MapuaWorld 2015!
Josefina Cuisia
2015-09-18, 10:35
Thank you very much, Mapua Alumni Australia; MapuaWorld 2015 was a big blast! You guys thought of everything to make us participants, happy and comfortable! Special thanks to Mao & Ophee and Randy and Rey for making our stay very pleasant! guys went out of your ways to ensure that! On behalf of Mapuans Ontario, please accept our never ending gratitude!
Marlene Silvestre
2015-09-17, 22:59
What an awesome and memorable event and experience. Three thumbs up to the host chapter, MAA (Randy, Mao, Rey, Marissa, Cely and the whole team), for making us feel at home and be proud to be Mapuans. Ozzie, ozzie, oi, oi, oi! Viva Mapua! - rod
Marlene Silvestre
2015-09-17, 22:23
MAA is a baby orgs of NAMA which braved itself to bid for a big event like this one. Truly, truly amazing with build-up confidence. We are so deeply impressed by the way you organized & worked as a Team. This MW 2015 is indeed a memorable one for us. Our heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to you all !!! - Marlene
Carrie Dela Cruz
2015-09-16, 23:40
Wow, what an awesome event.
Nestor Fernabdez
2015-09-16, 19:33
Awesome time at MW2015! Well done, Sydney. Kudos to the organizers!
Lanz Nigoz
2015-09-15, 20:54
Thank you Sydney....
Gerry Rulloda
2015-09-15, 19:05
Sydney was best Mapuaworld ever! And best deal for your money! Manila you are forewarned!

MapuaWorld 2015 Convention and Grand Reunion
10 - 13 September 2015|Sydney, Australia


Dear All,



By now most of you have gone back to work, trying to shake off the jetlag and probably have difficulty remembering the delegate you met in Sydney. I have never met a lot of ex-Mapuans in my life, let alone make so many friends in 4 days but this event has given me the opportunity to feel the true spirit of MapuaWorld by renewing old bonds, forming new friendships, establishing communication networks and above all, enjoying each other’s company and having great fun just like the good old days.



We hope that by hosting this great event, Mapua Alumni Australia now has a special place in everyone's heart.



We thank you all for the great support, the friendship, the laughter, the cherished memories.  We shall remember these for a long time, at least until the next MapuaWorld.



We have updated our MW2015 Sydney website:



Should you wish to give us any feedback, you are most welcome to send in your message or testimonial.  Your comments will greatly assist future hosts of MW.



Best regards,


Randy Tangonan, Met '81
Chairman, MW2015